Super ATV UTV Portal Gear Lifts - Frequently Asked Questions - All You Need to Know!

Feb 12th 2020

We carry the complete line of Super ATV UTV Gear Portal Lifts - covering the Polaris RZR, Ranger, RS1, ACE, General, Can-Am Maverick, Maverick X3, Yamaha Viking, Honda Pioneer, Honda Talon, Kawasaki TRX, Kawasaki Teryx and more.

Super ATV GDP Portal Gear Lifts are awesome and completely change the way you ride. But, if you’ve never heard of them before you might be feeling a little lost. Whether you’re coming in blind or if you’ve had a set for year, this list will answer all your the questions you have (and some you didn’t think to ask).

What Are GDP Portal Gear Lifts?

GDP Portal Gear Lifts give you a lift and a gear reduction in one kit. They’re different from standard suspension lifts because they lift your machine at the hub instead of at the shock—everything gets lifted from the ball joints to the A-arms and frame. A portal gear lift kit is made up of 4 portal boxes that replace your stock hub. They use gears in the box to lower your axle line and provide a gear reduction.

Super ATV Polaris RZR Portals

Should I Get Cast or Billet Aluminum Portals?

Whether you get cast or billet is a matter of personal preference. Billet is much stronger and has a nice machine-finish look. Our cast aluminum housings are cheaper and designed to be strong enough to handle high-torque and hard riding as well. Either way, you’re getting the exact same components and performance, just with different housing materials.

Cast is on the left, billet is on the right. That billet gives you a shine you can’t get anywhere else and its extra strength is just a bonus.

What Gear Reduction Options Can I Get with Portals?

We offer 15%, 30%, and 45% gear reductions for GDP Portal Gear Lifts. You can get 15% and 30% reductions in our 4” portals, 30% and 45% in our 6” portals, and 45% in our 8” portals.

Can I Change the Gear Reduction on My Portals?

No. Each housing is designed for a specific gear reduction. They’re so different that you won’t even be able to assemble the boxes or make the gears mate if you change gear reduction.

What Oil Do I Need?

Use only non-synthetic, non-detergent 80W-90 gear oil. You can find it at your local auto parts store.

How Much Oil Do I Need?

You need approximately 1 qt or less to fill an entire set of portals regardless of your size or gear ratio. Fill each box to just below the fill hole. The amount in each box will vary slightly depending on your specific kit.

How Often Should I Change the Oil?

We recommend changing your gear oil at least annually, but you should check it regularly. If you ride in mud or water, you need to check your oil after every ride and change it immediately if it’s milky or discolored. If mud or water has gotten into your box, it can corrode bearings and gears over time. Discoloration can also indicate potential damage to your seals or gaskets.

Checking your oil before every ride to make sure you’ve still got enough is a good idea. If you’re losing oil, that’s another sign that you’ve damaged a seal somewhere. And you don’t want to ride with a damaged seal.

How Often Should I Change the Internal Bearings?

Internal bearings should be inspected annually for damage and corrosion. That means opening up your box, getting a good look at each one, and making sure your internals are clean. If there’s rust or damage, it’s time to replace them. We sell complete bearing and seal kits for all our portals.

If you see discoloration when you’re checking your oil, that’s a sign that you should inspect and clean your bearings as well.

Leaving bearings unchanged when contaminated with anything other than oil can lead to major damage to the bearing, gears, and box itself.

How Much Does Maintenance Cost?

If you keep a good eye on your oil and make sure you keep things clean, your annual maintenance cost should equal the price for a quart of 80W-90 gear oil, or less than $15. Most people who check and change their oil never have to change a bearing or seal. Even if you replace a bearing or two over the course of a few years, you’re looking at around $40 a year on average.

What’s the Difference between Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lifts?

Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 refer to the different versions of GDP Portal Gear Lifts. When we make a major design change, we also change the name. Gen 3 has billet and cast aluminum housing options, a stronger housing design, the option to choose your gear reduction, stronger gear materials, and sealed drive gears along with other changes.

Gen 2 had a much bigger output shaft than Gen 1 along with stronger caliper mounts, lids, and rotor hub. All which carried forward and was improved for Gen 3.

Gen 1 was the original GDP Portal Gear Lift.

How Can I Tell Whether I Have Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3 Portals?

We only sell Gen 3 portals currently and we’ve only ever sold the newest gen portals that we produce.

Gen 1 portals were sold before October 2017. They have a smaller output shaft (the splined section has a much smaller diameter than the smooth section of the shaft) and they use a tapered washer behind the hubs.

Gen 2 portals were sold between October 2017 and January 2019 and they use a large output shaft (the splined section has almost the same diameter as the smooth section of the shaft) and there is no marking on the housing to indicate gear reduction.

Gen 3 portals have been sold since January 2019. They use the same large shaft as Gen 2 but also has an engraved 15, 30, or 45 by the drain plug and under the caliper mounting location. They also have a 3-bolt cap instead of a 4-bolt cap like Gen 1 and 2, and they use diff-style drain plugs with O-ring seals. GDP 8” Portal Gear Lifts and billet aluminum portals are all Gen 3.

If you’re unsure of what you have, give us a call at 855-743-3427.

Is My Axle Supposed to Stick out of the Back of the Box?

Every machine is different but your CV cup will not touch the back of the box. Can-Am vehicles in particular leave a larger gap between the back of the box and the CV cup. This is normal and will not affect performance or longevity.

Can I Put Portals on a Different Vehicle Than They Were Built For?

We sell conversion kits to make any set of portals compatible with a variety of UTVs and ATVs. Basically, if we sell a portal for a certain vehicle on, we can sell you a conversion kit to make whatever portals you have fit that certain vehicle.

What you need depends on what you’re converting from and what you’re converting too. A RZR to another RZR? Probably just need new backing plates. A Ranger to an X3? You’re gonna need a bit more to make that work.

Give us a call at 855-743-3427 to get the one you need.

Can I Put a Suspension Lift Kit on Top of a Portal Gear LIft?

Yes! This is the best part about portal gear lifts—the ability to lift, and lift again! Because the lift is in the hub, it doesn’t change your suspension geometry. Just install your lift and your portals at the same time and you’ll be in the barrel club.

Can I Upgrade My Portal Gear Lift?

We sell conversion kits to upgrade 4” Gen 1 portals to Gen 2 only. We do not offer conversion kits for any other lift size or generation.

How Does GDP’S “Limited Lifetime Warranty” Work?

If it breaks and it’s our fault, we’ll take care of it. If it breaks and it’s your fault, you’ll take care of it, but we’ll do our best to get you up and running again. We like to keep everything we sell on the trail and we stand by our products. Give us a call at 855-743-3427 if you have a breakdown.

Why Don’t Certain Kits Work with Stock Suspension like the Can-Am Outlander and Commander?

The unique rear wheel hub on the Outlander and Commander make it impossible to mount our portal gear boxes. We include rear trailing arms for those vehicles to provide a robust and secure mounting location.

How Difficult Is Installation?

Although we estimate a 10 hour install time for the average person, the individual steps to complete installation are relatively simple. It’s not as hard as cracking open a transmission and changing gears, but it’s tougher than changing a diff. We have detailed, full-color instructions as well as a helpful installation video to make it as easy as possible.

What Makes SuperATV’s GDP Portal Gear Lifts Better, Stronger, and Longer-Lasting than the Competitor?

We’ve sold thousands of GDP Portal Gear Lifts and made hundreds of thousands of weekends better. What makes ours the most used portal gear lifts in the UTV/ATV industry?

Here’s what we’ve got that no one else does:

  • Precision ground gears—for bettering mating, less heat, and quiet running
  • 9310 steel alloy gears—the strongest gear material we could get
  • 15%, 30%, and 45% gear reductions—get the gear reduction that matches your ride style
  • 4”, 6”, and 8” portal lifts—get the lift you want whether that’s modest or really (really) big
  • Sealed drive gear—oil can’t get out where your axle goes in
  • Double-angular contact bearing—built to withstand huge loads on your output shaft
  • Billet and cast aluminum boxes—you can choose the box that meets your needs
  • Stronger backing plate—we use a high-strength steel alloy that’s stronger than chromoly to make sure your A-arms stay attached to your portal box
  • Leak-proof gaskets, seals, and plugs—we know what leaks and what doesn’t (and our portals don’t)