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Feb 7th 2020

We carry the complete line of Super ATV's UTV and ATV tires at the best prices along with Free Shipping to your door! We believe Super ATV is producing the very best offroad UTV and ATV tires in the market - largely due to listening to customers and their needs. These tires truly hold up. We here at Superior UTV use them on our own vehicles and can attest to their performance. We honestly used to be all over the place when it came to choosing tires. From Maxxis, ITP, Interco and more, we've had both good and bad experiences. But these days we have to say, the lineup of Super ATV's UTV and ATV tires have every aspect covered, from deep down south mudding, desert dunes, rocky trails and more, they have a tire that is the perfect fit for every type of terrain. We have the following selection of Super ATV tires broken down into 2 main categories: First starting off with the Mud Tires, covering their very popular Assassinator and Terminator UTV mud tires, then Second their All Terrain UTV Tire lineup covering the Intimidator and Warrior tires.


Assassinator Tire and Logo

Assassinator Tires

Assassinator tires are a pure mud tire, and we aren’t ashamed of that. We love the mud, and you are going to love this tire. We are laser focused on having the best mud tires in the industry, and we have accomplished it with the Assassinator line. They're ultra-aggressive, featuring a massive 3" tread depth and super-wide lug spacing. Assassinators will find something to pull on in the thickest, peanut butter mud and the thinnest, mud soup.

We make Assassinators up to a 40" in diameter, but we keep them thin so that they can cut through anything. Are they self-cleaning? Of course. It's a mud tire.

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Super ATV Terminator UTV Tires

Terminator Tires

We set out to make an aggressive mud tire that rides smooth but holds its own in the down and dirty. Some might say that isn’t possible, but we did it. We added a lug to the center of the tire that allows for a smoother ride and better distribution of surface area when driving on flat surfaces. Our engineers adjusted the tread so that it contains specialized folds and gaps that make it even stickier on the trail, and self-cleaning in the mud. That means that we've angled the treads so that mud and debris will naturally fly out of the tread as the tire turns instead of sticking to it like cement.

Terminators are aggressive mud tires that are focused on delivering that ultimate mud performance, but they can handle hillsides, gravel, trail riding, and everything in between.

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Super ATV Intimidator UTV Polaris RZR Tires

Intimidator Tires

Intimidators are aggressive, they're tough, and they're mean. They can get you through hairy mud holes, but we wanted them to be your go-to tire for most other terrains too. These tires ride smooth due to our advanced tread pattern along the centerline. It is covered in siping so it can find traction on any surface, and it has a lot of tapered lug features to keep rocks and things from getting jammed between lugs. It's also self-cleaning but that should go without saying at this point.

What makes these different from Terminators is just how well they handle across all sorts of terrain. Where the Terminator is good, the Intimidator is great. Whether it's rocks, hills, gravel, dirt, snow, or sand, Intimidator Tires can handle it.

  • Super ATV Can-Am Maverick X3 Intimidator Tires


Warrior Tires

Warrior tires are a new breed of UTV tire. Designed for speed, traction, and domination on any terrain, the Warrior line was designed from the ground up to be the last tire you would ever need. They truly are Warriors, and with them, you can conquer any terrain in the world. So, whether you need AT Warriors — the ultimate DOT approved UTV Tire on the market that can still dominate off-road — or RT Warriors — the best UTV Rock tire available that will destroy any terrain — the Warrior line from SuperATV has got you covered. Our one-of-a-kind tread pattern offers superior all-terrain grip and we’ve built them with soft or sticky rubber compounds, so you can get the grip that best matches your riding style.

Super ATV UTV Polaris RZR RT Warrior Tires

RT Warrior Tires

SuperATV’s RT Warrior Tires are the last rock crawling tire you will ever need. It features our patent pending lug pattern and every last inch of this tire is designed to grip! The tapered pyramid design turns any terrain into a solid gripping surface, while the siping makes sure that even the surface of the lugs will find something to grab on to.

We’ve tested these tires all over the country and one thing is clear: There are no rocks, boulders, canyons, or mountains too tough for this tire. They cruise through rocky desert terrain like it’s nothing and tear up hillsides as easy as flat ground. Turn up your game and take the harder trail with a set of RT Warrior tires.

  • Can-Am Maverick X3 Tires


Super ATV AT Warrior UTV Polaris RZR Tires

AT Warrior Tires

SuperATV’s AT Warrior Tires bring you the ultimate all-terrain UTV tire without compromise. Our standard compound AT Warrior tire is DOT approved and was built from the ground up to be the most technologically advanced UTV road tire that will still dominate off the road as well. We’ve gone above and beyond what you would consider possible in a DOT approved UTV tire by creating our one-of-a-kind patent pending lug pattern featuring tapered pyramid grooves, mud destroying ejector ribs, and traction maximizing siping. All this wrapped in an aramid belt package for stability. For riders looking for uncompromised grip where others slip, our precisely formulated sticky compound comes with all the same awesome features but with added traction that doesn’t quit. From slick rock to slick trails, our sticky compound Warriors won’t let you slip. Whatever you choose, AT Warrior Tires rip from Moab, Utah to the mountains in Tennessee and on every road in between.

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Super ATV XT Warrior UTV Tires

XT Warrior Tires

The XT Warrior by SuperATV is the next evolution in Warrior tire technology. XT is built to take your UTV through the worst terrain you can find with superior grip and impressive bite. The patented tapered pyramid lugs are narrow at the top allowing them to flex on rocks and other rough terrain for more surface area and increased traction. In dirt, they dig into soil easily and bite the terrain to make sure they never get loose. That means more control, more speed, and more fun on the world’s most extreme terrain.

XT Warrior Tires are loaded with features to ensure maximum traction. The 1” tread depth and patent pending tapered pyramid tread pattern grabs the earth like hundreds of fingers. The ejector ribs between the lugs keep these tires clean of debris. The 8-ply and aramid belt construction keep the tire stable but flexible even in off-camber and low pressure situations. The siped lugs ensure that every last inch of this tire is designed to grip.

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