Can-Am Maverick X3 Dust Stopper/Cab Back/Rear Window

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Product Overview

Can-Am X3 Hard Coated Polycarbonate Dust Stopper/Cab Back

  • 2017-2019 Can-Am Maverick X3 and X3 Max

    Will not fit the XMR, this the mud model with the snorkels.

  • Hard Coated on both sides.
  • Attaches with Rubber Fast Straps.
  • 1/8" Thick Polycarbonate.
  • Works with Factory Plastic Top.
  • Made In Cleveland Ohio.

    Protect your back with this hard coated dust stopper/cab back. This will help reduce dust, mud and rain from getting in your cab. It attaches in minutes without any tools. Simply, hook the rubber straps around your cage.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review